//Notable Policy Developments Around the World – 30 October 2019

Notable Policy Developments Around the World – 30 October 2019


We share below recent developments. As always, we rely on FIVS Members to apprise us of noteworthy matters. Please contact the FIVS Secretariat with items that may be of interest.


We wanted to share our deepest sympathies with those “on the front line” combating and contending with the Kincade and other fires in California. We also wanted to pass on the many expressions of concern we have received from FIVS Members around the world. We very much hope that matters are resolved soon.


  • FIVS Snapshot by Clea Prieto Perosanz – 2019 OIV Autumn Meetings: Clea attended the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV) Commission Meetings on 14 October 2019 in Paris, France. Click HERE for her report on the results of the commission meetings on Safety and Health and Economy and Law.
  • Conference of Interest: There will be a conference, entitled “Prohibition 1919-2019: A Rule, a Fact and A Crisis” held in Reims, France from 07 to 09 November 2019. FIVS Member The Georges Chappaz Institute for Vine & Wine in Champagne and the Wine & Law Program – A Jean Monnet Chair is organising this meeting. Programme and registration information is available HERE.
    • Coincidentally, this article was just published describing the age of Prohibition in the United States.


  • Wine May Not be Good for You: This article covers a lot of the issues related to whether drinking wine may be good for one’s health.
    • Scotland: There is also press about the latest study linking alcohol consumption with an increased risk of cancers.


  • United Kingdom – the Welsh Government published an impact assessment for minimum pricing law: The Welsh Government released¬† an impact assessment of its minimum unit pricing (MUP) policy. According to this piece, the Act seeks to reduce alcohol use among those most at risk by controlling pricing.
  • Utah’s Attempt to Get Alcohol Regulations Right: FIVS has reported on how Utah became the first state in the country to lower the legal limit for driving to .05% blood alcohol content. This article describes Utah’s comprehensive attempt to balance making alcohol beverages available to consumers on the one hand while protecting the public health on the other.
  • United States – Rules on ‚ÄúStandards of Fill”: FIVS has reported that submissions to the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) on proposed changes to rules covering “standards of fill” (i.e., the allowable amounts of liquid in containers) must be submitted before the 30 October 2019 deadline. Many alcohol beverage associations have already sent in their comments.