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Social Sustainability

As an international federation working for the wine, beer, and spirits sectors, FIVS is committed to promoting moderate consumption and responsible marketing and advertising of alcohol beverages. FIVS also encourages companies and associations to incorporate social responsibility into their business models to ensure fair working conditions, respect for workers’ rights, and ethical behaviour in all their operations.

FIVS Working Group Chair and Assistant Chair

Simon Stannard

Simon Stannard is the European and International Affairs Director for the Wine and Spirit Trade Association in the United Kingdom.

Michel-Laurent Pinat

Michel-Laurent Pinat is a senior consultant at Wine-Int’ and, a Member of the French Association for Bottlers and Distributors of which he is the legal secretary general.

FIVS Social Sustainability Initiatives


FIVS-Assure is a reference guide that touches upon the many societal aspects related to alcohol beverages, ranging from drinking and driving to the responsible marketing of alcohol beverages. While scientific evidence pointing to the healthful benefits of moderate consumption continues to mount, FIVS also recognises that excessive consumption can be harmful. As a result, industry representatives have searched for ways to combat the myriad of societal issues that arise out of excessive alcohol consumption. FIVS-Assure provides guidance as to how associations and companies around the world are offering programmes for addressing societal challenges associated with the irresponsible use of alcohol.

Social Sustainability Principles

FIVS Social Sustainability Principles for Ethical Trading (FSSPET)

FIVS adopted the FSSPET in April 2017. This set of principles and values is a foundation for FIVS Wine Sector Participants to incorporate social responsibility into their businesses. Members committed to the FSSPET are guided by common norms that underscore the need to respect human rights and to ensure lawful, fair, and ethical behaviour in all their commercial dealings.

FIVS Guiding Principles for Advertising and Marketing

FIVS Guiding Principles for Advertising and Marketing

This initiative offers a set of major principles that need to be considered when creating codes of practice for the advertising and marketing of alcohol beverages. This guidance document was produced in July 2011 and updated in December 2015. It contains an annex that covers tenets to adopt in the area of digital marketing of alcohol beverages.

FIVS Social Sustainability Partnership

On 17 April 2018, FIVS and the WiM Association held a joint reception in Brussels to recognise their new partnership to work together on social responsibility matters in the alcohol beverage area. To find out more about FIVS’s collaboration with WiM, please visit our Partnerships page.