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Become a Member

FIVS works for the overall sustainability of the global alcohol beverage industry. It provides a forum for its members to work collaboratively on legislative and policy issues and communicates the Federation views to national governments and international organisations.

FIVS has over 50 members from 24 countries and regions in 6 continents. The membership includes companies, associations, and other organisations involved in all aspects of the alcohol beverage industry. To learn more about us, you can download our brochure here.

Why Become a Member?

Check below for the list of benefits you will obtain if you become a member of FIVS. Below you will also find FIVS’ latest accomplishments and a letter addressed to you from our President.

FIVS 2023 highlights

Dear Prospective FIVS Member,

Thank you for your interest in FIVS! We are a venue for those directly or indirectly involved in the alcohol beverage industry to collaborate in a non-competitive way to promote our overall sustainability (Economic, Social and Environmental). Becoming a member of FIVS will afford your group a unique insight into the importance of these issues at the international level, and a voice that can engage effectively on your behalf. You’ll also have a tremendous opportunity to develop contacts and to receive relevant and invaluable information within an already established framework.

FIVS is composed of a wide range of associations and companies in the international alcohol beverage industry. We are continuing to develop our Federation in a way that promotes a broad international consensus on critical issues and that advocates effectively in the international arena to make a real difference – we have an enviable track record of success! Most importantly, we ensure that all members’ interests are taken into account by acting solely on a full consensus basis.

I trust this website provides you with a better understanding of some of the issues we address and the way we operate, and with enough information to decide that you would like to join with us!

Please do not hesitate to contact our Secretariat with any questions you may have about our activities.

How to Become a Member of FIVS?

As provided for in Article 3.2 of FIVS By-Laws, candidates for full, affiliate or individual membership must complete and submit the following application form (full membership-company, full membership-association, affiliate membership-company, affiliate membership-association) to the FIVS Secretariat.

Upon receipt of the application for membership, the Secretariat in consultation with the Presidential Council, shall notify the members. If no full member expresses a concern to the Secretariat within thirty (30) calendar days of the date the notice was issued, the Secretariat, with the consent of the Presidential Council, shall notify and admit the applicant to the appropriate category of membership.

FIVS offers four different membership categories:

  • Full Membership:
    Associations, federations, companies, and other organisations involved in the production, exportation, importation or distribution of alcohol beverage products may apply for full membership. Full members have the right to vote in FIVS General Assembly Meetings.
    Download the Full Membership Form for Companies or Full Membership Form for Associations
  • Affiliate Membership:
    Organisations and entities focused on activities allied to the alcohol beverage industry may apply for affiliate membership. Affiliate members can attend FIVS meetings, but do not have the right to vote or to hold an elected office in FIVS.
    Download the Affiliate Membership Form for Companies or Affiliate Membership for Associations
  • Individual Membership:
    Individual Membership is granted on an exceptional basis to those individuals who have contributed to FIVS over the years and whose input would contribute to FIVS activities. Individual members are allowed to attend FIVS meetings but do not have the right to vote at the General Assembly Meetings.
  • Honorary Membership:
    Honorary Membership can only be granted by the unanimous consent of the General Assembly.

Please see below our current membership fees that vary depending on the type of membership (full or affiliate) and the type of applicant (association or company).

Category Annual Budget Dues Amount
Small < 50 000 € 999 €
Medium 50 000 – 100 000 € 2 890 €
Large > 100 000 € 5 785 €
Category Headcount Dues Amount
Small 0-500 4 045 €
Medium-Small 500-1000 8 685 €
Medium-Large 1000-3000 40 515 €
Large > 3000 57 960 €
Category Annual Budget Dues Amount
Small < 50 000 € 825 €
Medium 50 000 – 100 000 € 2 165 €
Large > 100 000 € 4 340 €
Category Headcount Dues Amount
Small 0-500 3 035 €
Medium-Small 500-1000 6 515 €
Medium-Large 1000-3000 29 390 €
Large > 3000 43 470 €

What do FIVS Members Think About the Federation?

“Participating in FIVS’s Economic Sustainability Working Group has been extremely helpful. This group attracts FIVS members who are experts in trade and seeks to eliminate unjustified trade barriers around the world. The working group calls and in-person meetings provide invaluable collaboration focused on the most significant issues of the day.”

Charles_Jefferson-Wine_InstituteCharles Jefferson, The Wine Institute

“FIVS represents a unique forum gathering key actors from all parts of the global alcohol beverage sector. Being part of FIVS enables us to understand better the major issues affecting our sector, to coordinate solutions at a global level, and to exchange ideas about best practices with other members of the federation.”

Ignacio Sánchez Recarte, Comité européen des entreprises vins

“The international peer-driven regulatory intelligence that comes through working with FIVS is a unique and collegial environment. Not only does it allow us to anticipate significant changes to trading conditions, it gives us a forum to respond globally through one peak industry body.  Furthermore it ensure all we do is in the interests in promoting the principles of international mutual acceptance and harmonization of best practice regulation.”

Jonathan Breach, Accolade Wines