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FIVS International Sustainable Winegrowing Competition

In 2019 FIVS launched the first edition of the FIVS International Sustainable Winegrowing Competition. The competition will honour wine organisations that take a leading role in implementing sustainable practices. Applicants will have to demonstrate, inter alia, consistency with FIVS’s “Global Wine Producers Environmental Sustainability Principles (GWPESP)” programme, which promotes the idea that the continued health of the wine industry relies on natural resources that are successfully integrated with sound ecological processes.

Competition Application

The competition application consists of 20 high-level self-assessment questions relating to sustainability’s “three pillars”: environmental, social, and economic, plus a twenty-first subjective assessment – wine taste. Applicants will be asked to describe their organisation’s conservation efforts in the vineyard and in operations, including how they deal with waste, what environmentally-friendly practices they have adopted, and how the winery engages in conservation efforts vis-à-vis its customers.

All wineries that feel they are actively demonstrating a broad-based commitment to sustainability are encouraged to participate!  Applicants can apply in the single vineyard or corporate category.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic FIVS has decided to postpone this year’s edition of the FIVS International Sustainable Winegrowing Competition.  Further details regarding the next edition will be posted shortly.