//Notable Policy Developments Around the World – 19 August 2019

Notable Policy Developments Around the World – 19 August 2019


We share below recent developments. As always, we rely on FIVS Members to apprise us of noteworthy matters. Please contact the FIVS Secretariat with items you believe may be of interest.


  • Lithuania: The Government Replies to FIVS’s Comments: As reported in this FIVS Alert of 30 April 2019, FIVS commented on a Technical Regulation Information System (TRIS) notification on a Republic of Lithuania draft law which would have restricted alcohol beverage sales. The Lithuanian Government sent FIVS the following response on 14 August 2019, apprising that wine was included in a product classification not covered in this draft law.
  • United States – Update on Pennsylvania “Flexible Pricing” Model: As reported in this 31 July 2019 Alert, FIVS joined other associations from around the world in opposing the adoption of a “flexible pricing” model by the State of Pennsylvania’s Liquor Control Board. We thought there might be interest in this article reporting on the latest on this situation.


  • Underage Drinking Drops: This study by the International Alliance for Responsible Drinking claims that underage drinking around the world has “plummeted.” The report also discussed in this article and in this press release found that the United Kingdom has recorded one of the largest declines among the countries examined.
    • Drinking Consumption Trends: At the same time, this article discusses the increasing teetotalism in the developed world, especially among young legal drinkers.
  • Drinking – A Lower Mortality Rate: The following study found that moderate drinkers have a lower mortality rate than heavy drinkers and even non-drinkers. This study is at odds with the claim by some researchers that no level of consumption is safe.


  • Australia –  The Wine Industry Engages in Strategic Planning: There have been reports on how the Australian wine industry has produced a 30-year overarching plan for the whole sector that sets a long-term vision and provides the framework for an associated plan — the Wine Australia Strategic Plan 2020—25. To that end, a discussion paper was developed that discusses the current situation and reviews relevant challenges and strategic imperatives. The paper examines well-known threats to all producers in the sector, such as rising land prices, adverse regulatory changes, and climate change.
  • The Philippines – Consideration of Prohibiting Sales of Alcohol Beverages: The Philippine House of Representatives is considering a bill that would ban the selling, serving, and consumption of alcohol beverages in public areas. This measure would also prohibit the consumption of alcohol beverages in all establishments between 12 and eight o’clock in the morning. Lawmakers are also seeking to increase alcohol excise duties.
  • Spain – Considerations of Restrictive Proposals: The Spanish Ministry of Health, Consumption and Social Welfare is considering tighter restrictions on alcohol beverages, which would include warnings about health risks and rising cancer rates.
  • United States – Update on TTB Reviews Rules Regarding “Standards of Fill”: In this 09 July 2019 Alert, FIVS reported on the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau’s (TTB) notices of proposed rule making which would eliminate all but a minimum standard of fill (i.e., the amount of liquid in the container) for wine containers (Notice No. 182), and all but a minimum and maximum standard of fill for distilled spirits containers (Notice No. 183). On Monday 12 August 2019, the TTB announced a 60-day extension of the public comment period on its proposals.