//Notable Policy Developments Around the World – 06 August 2019

Notable Policy Developments Around the World – 06 August 2019


We share below recent developments. As always, we rely on FIVS Members to apprise us of noteworthy matters. Please contact the FIVS Secretariat with items you believe may be of interest.


  • OIV – Adoption of Resolutions:  On 19 July 2019, the 17th International Organisation of Wine and Vine’s (OIV) General Assembly adopted 18 Resolutions at its meeting in Geneva, Switzerland. These norms are now available on the OIV Intranet under General Assembly “2019-07” session. You can also download them here.
  • United States – Opposition to the State of Pennsylvania’s Flexible Pricing” Model: Following up on the 31 July 2019 Alert, FIVS joined other associations around the world in opposing the adoption of a “flexible pricing” model by the State of Pennsylvania’s Liquor Control Board (PLCB). As pointed out in the joint letter, the PCLB’s proposed approach would lead to a lack of transparency and be vulnerable to charges of favouritism. FIVS would like to thank those members who sent us comments.


  • UK – Reference to Drinking Guidelines: On 01 August 2019, The Portman Group announced that its members will display the UK Department of Health’s current responsible alcohol beverage  consumption guidelines on labels and packaging. Among other things, these guidelines recommend that men and women should consume no more than 14 units of alcohol per week. Other countries are increasingly adopting guidelines such as those in the UK.
  • United States – Problems Associated with Binge Drinking Among the Elderly: A new Journal of the American Geriatrics Society study released on 31 July 2019, contends that binge drinking affects more than one-tenth of older adults in the United States. It further claims that a significant number of older adults regularly engage in binge drinking. Articles about this study cite the increased likelihood that those who fall into this category are more likely to be injured if they fall and/or develop chronic health problems.
  • Where is Alcohol Headed in the Global Arena?: This study calls on governments to reign in multinational alcohol beverage companies on the grounds that these entities are aggressively marketing alcohol beverages, pretending to be good corporate citizens, and are not adequately regulated. The study also calls for a global response to curb marketing and to limit industry interference in policy formulation.


  • United Kingdom – The Scottish Government’s MUP Approach has Allegedly been “implemented effectively”: Following up on this 21 June 2019 Alert, Scotland’s National Health Service recently published a positive evaluation of the Scottish Government’s implementation of a £0.50 minimum unit price (MUP) for alcohol, which took effect on 01 May 2018. This study sought to shed light on how MUP was implemented and how MUP has changed perceptions regarding the sale of unlicensed alcohol in Scotland. This study also reportedly determined that licensed premises in Scotland were generally complying with the law and found that Scots were avoiding paying higher alcohol prices by purchasing alcohol beverages in neighbouring jurisdictions, such as England.