//Matters for Member Review – Events and Partnerships – 12 February 2020

Matters for Member Review – Events and Partnerships – 12 February 2020


We share below some items for member consideration. Please contact the FIVS Secretariat if you have any comments or questions.


  • Brussels Conference – Reminder to Sign up: We would like to remind you to register for the 2020 FIVS Brussels Meetings which will take place from 06 to 07 April at the Warwick Hotel in Brussels. The conference, entitled “Sustainability: Walking the Talk”, will consider the ways in which FIVS, its members, and others in the industry are “walking the talk” when it comes to addressing climate change, advocating for free trade, and promoting responsible alcohol consumption. Non-FIVS members (excluding the press) are invited to attend but should contact the FIVS Secretariat before registering to obtain advance permission to participate.
  • The IWTS is Coming: Wine Institute is pleased to announce that registration for the International Wine Technical Summit is now open. All FIVS members are welcome to attend. The IWTS will take place on 02-03 June 2020 at Napa River Inn in downtown Napa, California, USA. The meeting organisers are inviting officials from many countries, including Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Malaysia, Mexico, Nigeria, Peru, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam. The IWTS agenda will focus on eliminating technical trade barriers. In the past, the FIVS Scientific and Technical Committee has supported the IWTS with scientific papers on such topics as certification, sugar testing, and methanol. While the 2020 agenda is under development, current information related to the 2019 IWTS may be accessed here; for questions, please contact info.iwts@gmail.com


  • OIV-FIVS Agreement – Solicitation of Member Views: FIVS and the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV) reached accord in late January on the terms of a draft agreement governing FIVS’s future participation as an observer to the OIV. This document sets forth the terms of the agreement, describes the background of the agreement, discusses the benefits of the new agreement for FIVS and its members, and provides the text of the document itself, including FIVS’s financial commitments. The Presidential Council of FIVS has considered this agreement and believes that it represents a significant opportunity to begin developing and enhancing the relationship between FIVS and the OIV in mutually beneficial ways.The FIVS membership is requested to review the briefing document and the draft agreement. Please note that these material are confidential and should not be forwarded. If there are any questions or concerns, please make them known to the Secretariat as a matter of urgency but in any event, no later than 17 February 2020.
  • FIVS-Abridge Competition Agreement: FIVS-Abridge and the Reims School of Wine Law programme (A Jean Monnet Chair) and the Burgundy School of Wine & Spirits Business held its first academic competition last year featuring FIVS-Abridge as a resource. FIVS and these partners are in the process of organising the second annual competition to be held on 25 and 26 March. Further, the parties have agreed upon the following document more formally setting out areas of responsibilities. FIVS Members are requested to share any views they may have on this agreement by 17 February 2020.