//Announcement: Registration is Now Open for the 2020 International Wine Technical Summit (IWTS) – 05 May 2020

Announcement: Registration is Now Open for the 2020 International Wine Technical Summit (IWTS) – 05 May 2020

Dear FIVS Members,

The 2020 International Wine Technical Summit (IWTS) will now take place in a virtual format! Wine Institute, with the U.S. government, will host two sets of webinars to take place during the week of 01 June 2020 to connect the wine industry with government regulators in emerging export markets, such as Kenya, Nigeria, Peru, and more.

This year, the FIVS Secretariat and members are providing important content. Laurel Parker will provide an overview of FIVS-Abridge to IWTS delegates and update them about good regulatory practices. Tim Ryan of E. & J. Gallo Winery will present a paper on the topic of “Absolute vs Relative Risk,” a subject that is being worked on in the FIVS Scientific and Technical Committee (STC). Delegates will also hear from Paul Huckaba of Bronco Wine Company on the usefulness (or otherwise) of tests that are often required to be performed to complete certificates of analysis – a presentation that builds on FIVS’s STC work. Rachel Triggs of Wine Australia will talk about controls for illicit trade in wine. Finally, Eric Wilkes of the Australian Wine Research Institute (AWRI) will review their work on a laboratory “ring test” that began in the context of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation’s Wine Regulatory Forum. An IWTS grant supports the AWRI’s effort to collect test results for typical wine analyses from laboratories in export markets and to evaluate their performance.

Registration is open, and FIVS members are welcome to join by registering HERE. It is recommended to attend two sessions, lasting two hours each, to have the full IWTS experience. Each session will be held at two different times, to make it easier for participants in different time zones to attend at a convenient hour of the day. Last year’s agenda and presentations provide a great example of the topics that will be covered this year.


The FIVS Secretariat